North Carolina Modernizes its UI System

On September 28, 2018, the North Carolina Department of Commerce, Division of Employment Security (DES) will change how you interact with the agency. In order to provide better service, they are modernizing our unemployment insurance benefits system and how unemployment claims are handled within the Division.
North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia have been working together to develop a modern and efficient unemployment insurance benefits computer system. This system went “live” in South Carolina in September of 2017, and has been successfully operational since that time.
The new unemployment insurance (UI) benefits system is a self-service portal that is safe and secure. Launching on September 28, 2018, it will expand your access to the UI process by improving how you:

– Respond to separations.
– Receive charging information.
– Respond to wage audits.
– View agency correspondence.
– File appeals.
– View benefits charges.

The improvements to the system will create many efficiencies. For example, your notice of separation will be filed electronically.
Once this upgrade takes place, the request for separation information will not be mailed back to us. Instead, you will receive a letter telling you to answer this request via our website.