Educational Programs

Various training modules are easily available to you via our specialized programs.

Vast Resources to Ease Your Burden

Many resources are available to reduce your unemployment compensation and human resource burdens.  We strive to assist and educate your key players so that our experts and you, our valued client, work in unison to build a full compass cost reduction and control program.

Our senior management has hand selected a team of experts in various disciplines that are designed to reduce your UI costs. We offer superior analytics on your managerial onboard systems and will perform extensive workforce reviews based on your UI Data so you can keep your company compliant and productive.

Training Your Team

Educate your employees how to reduce UI Costs and other related HR risks by handling disciplinary actions and separations the correct way. Our team offers you a web-based training tool making it easy to share a consistent message throughout your organization.  We also offer in-house training for a more extensive hands on approach.  We have been praised by many HR Organizations for our training expertise and informative seminars that cover the hire, disciplinary, termination, and hearing process from start to finish.

Various Training Modules

  • Hire the Smart Way
  • Work within the System to Set Up a Winning UC Claim
  • Assure your Progressive Discipline Steps are Compliant, Efficient and Uniformly enforced
  • Review and update to electronic forms to use throughout the hire to discipline to termination process
  • Learn the Trade. Our Law Experts will train your managers on how to effectively represent your company at UI hearing enabling successful outcomes
  • Keep Up to Date with challenging FMLA , PFL and other important regulatory law changes
  • Educational seminars also specially tailored to your industry

Making Compliance Easy

UCM offers Review of in-house discipline forms and I-9 management services  that help employers face the challenges of the I-9 process with am ever evolving program that is compliant with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Reduce your liability and achieve cost savings through education and learn how paperless electronic I-9s improve efficiency.

Lean On Our Experts

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