UCM Provides Clients with COVID-19 Relief

With the already negative impact of COVID-19 on employers nationwide, UCM has waived all excess unemployment claim fees for claims processed that are related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many vendors are charging employers overage fees during this difficult time, adding additional negative financial impacts. UCM will not be charing excess claim fees, or any additional service costs during the pandemic. Additionally, there will be no hidden future charges as a result of COVID-19.

The main goal right now is to provide as much relief as possible to clients. Through providing timely responses to COVID-19 claims, ensuring the appropriate auditing of any charges that result from these claims,  and offering exceptional client service are just a few ways UCM is providing additional ROI.

If you have any questions regarding your unemployment account, or need additional assistance, please e-mail us at info@ucmspecialists.com or reach out to your dedicated account management team.