Unemployment Cost Control and Unemployment Claims Management Solutions

Your Partner in Unemployment Cost Control

Our specialists will take the burden of processing unemployment claims and meeting state requirements out of your hands. We will work directly with your company to ensure all the requirements are met to meet state deadlines, reducing your risk and achieving measurable results. Read on to learn more about the comprehensive services that we offer.

Specializing in Your Industry

We offer you industry-specific unemployment claims management, unemployment cost control, and will analyze, organize and implement strategies to eliminate unnecessary unemployment costs. Integrating our services into your organization will ease the burden of unemployment costs so you can focus on your core business.

An Overview of the Unemployment Cost Control and Claims Management Process

Navigating through unemployment claims can be difficult and time-consuming.  Here are just some of the ways we can help streamline your unemployment claims process for your business.

Unemployment Claims Management by your Dedicated Account Expert

You will receive a dedicated Account Expert to respond timely and thoroughly to all unemployment claims.  Our experienced team eases your burden associated with administrative and legal processes, maximizing potential savings.

Corresponding with State Agencies

We will correspond with the state on your behalf and present the case using the appropriate laws to your individual claim.  You no longer have to deal with responding to time sensitive state correspondence.

Appeal of State Rulings/Determinations

Our experts will appeal unfavorable rulings on your behalf.  We will also keep you informed of potential liability and take the appeal process out of your busy schedule.

Expert Hearing Representation and Counseling

Representation is a critical factor in winning an unemployment hearing.  We provide representation and counseling for all hearings.  Our representatives are experts in unemployment laws and procedures nationwide.  With effective hearing representation, your success rate will increase dramatically.

Reporting via UCM CaseExpert

UCM CaseExpert offers an online client portal to provide you secure access to detailed summaries about your claims on demand, 24/7.  This advanced system also allows you and your team an efficient way to submit separation data for unemployment claims. 

  • Access to efficient means of separation data submission
  • Dashboard summaries of all applicable account activity
  • Access to secure case file information
  • Access to unemployment tax rates and historical tax rate savings data and more
  • Much more flexibly than similarly offered systems

Your account expert will also provide personal e-mail reporting updates as requested.

Education and Training

We will work with you to share the necessary fundamentals that will help your organization successfully manage your Unemployment Cost Control Program.  You can rely on us to provide all the educational tools you'll need.  Our program even offers on-site training to get you started, or whenever you need it.

Benefit Charge and Tax Rate Evaluation

Eliminate state issued charge errors by using our specialized system to conduct in-depth audits of all charges posted to your account.  Tax rates will be verified on a continous basis to ensure accuracy and maximum savings.

Areas of Expertise

• Aviation
• Construction
• Food Service
• Government Agencies
• Grocery Stores
• Healthcare
• Inventory Management
• Non-profit Organizations
• Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
• Property Management
• Retail
• School Districts
• Staffing
• Trucking
* Many more tax paying and reimbursing employers.

Included Services

Benefit Charge Audits

UCM will audit all charges posted against your unemployment tax account(s).

We are currently able to receive benefit charge statements electronically from many states, which will enable us to process all benefit charges timely and accurately.

Erroneous Benefit Charge Protests

State unemployment agencies are not perfect and UCM understands this.

Our team of experts will protest erroneous benefit charges on your behalf and request a prompt removal.

We audit wrong benefit years, overpayments, charges on favorable determinations and much more.

You can rest assured that our highly skilled team will police all charges for compliance.

Tax Rate Verification

Each year every state in which your organization operates will issue SUI tax rates.

UCM will audit all tax rates to ensure the proper rate has been assigned.

Should any tax rate not reconcile with our advanced system, a tax rate petition will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate employer tax unit for review.

Tax Rate Forecasting

UCM will verify annual tax rates and forecast future rates based on all available information.

Not only will you be able to plan for current unemployment costs, you will also be prepared for the future.

Merger, Acquisition, and Divesture Assistance

UCM will assist with filing the appropriate paperwork in each state where a merger or acquisition takes place. This process ensures compliance should any mergers and acquisitions take place. Our team will assist with the following areas:

• Complete appropriate paperwork for new state income tax withholding, local income tax withholding, and state unemployment tax accounts

• Carry out required status updates to state workforce agencies related to transfers of employees, unemployment experience and common control provisions

• Complete account closures for inactive state income tax, local income tax, and state unemployment tax accounts

• Analyze pre-acquisition activity to take advantage of available planning options, identify potential refunds to circumvent the unintentional assumption of liabilities; and to develop an appropriate transaction inclusion plan

• Assist with third party payroll service requirements and limits

• Review all payroll policies and offer insight for areas of improvement

SUI Tax Compliance Assistance

UCM will ensure your organization is up-to-date and in compliance with all unemployment tax matters.

Our experts have extensive experience working with all payroll companies, state agencies, and more to ensure maximum compliance in this area.

Voluntary Contribution Analysis

Voluntary contributions are payments that can be made to receive a potentially lower unemployment tax rate.

UCM will assist you in determining if voluntary contributions apply to your account(s), and if they will be beneficial.

We have extensive experience in the voluntary contribution area and our experts will work hard to ensure you fully understand the options available to you.

Should voluntary payments prove beneficial, we will provide you will all tools necessary to move the process forward.

Separation Data Analysis

Separation data is necessary and useful when processing unemployment claims that have been filed against your account.

UCM will analyze separation data and provide insight if areas of improvement are found.

We have experience working with all payroll companies and most HRIS software.

Our experts are highly trained and flexible in this area of service.

Reemployment Tools

Unemployment costs have been rising and will continue to do so for years to come.

Many organizations have been downsizing due to economic conditions, or they hire per-diem employees with limited assignments.

When there is no work for an employee, and the employee is not turning down offers of employment, they are generally entitled to collect unemployment insurance benefits.

UCM offers insight and training in the area of reemploying individuals that have become partially or totally unemployed from your organization.

When properly utilized, reemployment strategies can help minimize the potential unemployment cost exposure you may otherwise receive.

Our experts are extensively trained in the reemployment field and will provide you with useful insight in this area.