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UCM Verification Solutions

Please read each option below and choose the correct one to get started.

NOTE: Please choose the correct option as submitting via the incorrect option will cause delay.

Commercial Organization (Background Checks, Employment Screening, Mortgages and more)

Do you need proof of employment or income to grant credit or a loan? Do you need proof of employment or income to monitor your portfolio of loans? Do you want to check work history for a job candidate? Choose this option if you are an organization needing a commercial verification.

Government Agencies

Are you a government agency looking to obtain a verification of employment and/or income history? Choose this option for all government requests such as Child Support Services, Human Services, Housing Authorities, Social Security and more.  Please note if you are not a government agency, this request will not be processed. 


Are you an employee/applicant looking for a verification of your own employment? Choose this option.  Please note an employer code will be needed.  Please contact your employer to obtain this code.  NOTE: If you are NOT an employee, and are a commercial agency e.g. background screening or mortgage firm, please use the commercial option above.

Contact UCMVerify

We are here to help! If you have any questions regarding the verification process, or which option you need to utilize, please e-mail with a brief overview of your needs. One of our representatives will get back to you promptly.

State Unemployment Agency

Are you a state agency looking for more information on an unemployment claim or matter? Choose this option.


UCM Verify Terms & Conditions

Please note that UCM Verify will only release employment dates, positions held and whether the individual is currently employed by the employer in question. UCM Specialists, Inc. is NOT authorized to release any specific details regarding employment such as work ethic, quality of work and separation reasons.

UCM Specialists, Inc. will only release payroll information with an authorization of the individual in which a verification is being requested. Please include a signed consent form or electronic consent/access code with your request if wage information is requested.

$18.25 processing fee is associated with all commercial verification requests.