Wyoming Employer Unemployment Update

Important information about Unemployment Insurance

The Department of Workforce Services is working to implement the COVID-19 relief programs authorized by Congress and President Trump at the end of 2020. We have received guidance from the United States Department of Labor regarding these programs. The next step is to reprogram the Unemployment Insurance computer system. That process involves rewriting a great deal of computer code, testing the changes to ensure they are working correctly, and repeating the process until we are sure the system will process claims correctly. Rushing the process would increase the chances a claimant would be denied UI benefits incorrectly or approving a claimant who later is determined to be ineligible, causing that person to have to pay back all the money distributed to him or her. It may take several weeks or even longer than a month to complete the changes to the computer system.

Please note that there are different processes to follow, depending on the type of claim you are receiving. To determine which type of UI a claimant is receiving, navigate to the Inquiry page on WYUI.wyo.gov. The Inquiry page will display the type of claim being received.